We make disruption work for you

Digital is not about digital for digital’s sake. It’s about using technology and data to serve customers and consumers better, faster and more sustainable.

Your challenge

New technologies are impacting your industry, your operations and your customers’ behaviour.
You need to adapt, but how?

When digital disruption hits, new business models grow exponentially, customers switch rapidly, and investment reroutes at scale. Data harvested from these new models fuels further growth, leaving those still operating in the old world behind. Businesses that are able to master disruption and lead the change – win.

Our services

We help organizations unlock the power of disruption – translating new technologies into opportunities for your business.

We evaluate current and future disruption in your industry and prioritize technology-enabled opportunities that deliver sustainable value.

We rethink your customer interaction model and digitize your routes-to-market while working with you to make the change.

We co-build a new venture with you from concept to launch, co-lead it through its initial growth phase, and set up best practice organizational and technological capabilities for scale-up.

We evaluate the prospect’s performance, growth potential and fit with your strategy by assessing its proposition, technology, and capabilities.

We help you generate business value from data through an actionable strategy by identifying and implementing (generative) AI use cases and setting up best-practice organizational and technological capabilities to leverage these at scale.

How we do it

We take a customer-first perspective to determine what you need to make it happen.

We set you up for autonomous digital growth through a combination of hands-on support and knowledge and capability building. We ensure you have the right technology, data and organizational structures, an agile way of working, and a customer-first perspective.


Realize growth by delivering a superior customer experience (better, faster, cheaper).


Create value for your customers and business through an adaptable and scalable technology landscape.


Unlock the power of data by making learning and decision-making more objective, granular, and scalable.


Put the right structures and capabilities in place to make business, technology, and data work together seamlessly.

Way of working

Build a customer-first culture and increase your business’s agility and speed of learning.

SparkOptimus - Office and Team
Our clients

We work closely with hundreds of change leaders across the globe.

Our team

Our team is ready to help you lead your organization into the future