Designing an omnichannel vision

Designing an omnichannel vision
What they wanted

As the largest railway company in the Netherlands, NS operates the EU’s busiest railway system and serves nearly 6% of the Dutch population on a daily basis. To keep up with increasing customer demands, NS felt the need to create an integrated omnichannel vision and to strongly expand on the digital customer experience. NS asked SparkOptimus to jointly design NS’ omnichannel vision and bring expertise on how to position technology & organization as key enablers of change.

What they said

SparkOptimus in this process has proved its value by bringing a sharp external perspective along with a structured approach, and building from there a joint vision that very well aligns with the challenges that NS currently faces. By doing so, they have helped NS bring the physical and digital customer journey closer together

Ron Schneider
Head of Consumer Market at NS Reizigers
What we did

SparkOptimus supported NS by combining relevant external trends, NS’ internal strengths & opportunities, and SparkOptimus expertise on how to shape the digital transition. This resulted in a redesign of the NS omnichannel vision and a longer-term plan that included a repositioning of technology and (digital) setup as driving enablers behind the transition.

Designing an omnichannel vision

Take the insights with you

What we achieved

SparkOptimus delivered a widely supported omnichannel vision. Long-term ambitions and principles were established and translated into a more pragmatic, short-term action plan.

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