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To help you translate new technologies into opportunities for your business, we have developed 5 distinct services: Digital strategy & transformation, AI & Data strategy & transformation, Sustainability strategy & transformation, Mergers & Acquisitions and Ventures & Scale-ups.
SparkOptimus - Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy & Transformation

We empower businesses to navigate disruptive trends and embrace strategic digital transformation, rethinking customer interactions, digitizing routes-to-market, and leveraging technology to deliver sustainable value.

SparkOptimus - Cloudcomputing

AI & Data Strategy & Transformation

We help you generate business value from data through an actionable strategy by identifying and implementing (generative) AI use cases and setting up best-practice organizational and technological capabilities to leverage these at scale.

Signature cases
Digitising HEINEKEN's B2B Route-to-Market

HEINEKEN is the world’s most international brewer, with revenues of over €27bn, brands present in over 180 countries and operations in more than 75 markets. Heineken is a proud and independent global industry leader, with a strong brand portfolio and an extensive sales & distribution network across the globe. Understanding that digitisation is driving a seismic shift in how people connect, consume media and consume products, HEINEKEN launched a broad set of digital initiatives across functions and markets throughout the world, with a view to ‘staying in the game’ and learning along the way.

Acknowledging this promising start, SparkOptimus urged HEINEKEN to fundamentally elevate and accelerate its digital transformation. Committed to accelerating growth in a rapidly changing competitive playing field and driven by the ambition to become the clear winner in beer & cider in a digital age, HEINEKEN asked for SparkOptimus’ support in co-developing a shared vision, strategy, and execution plan with HEINEKEN’s key decision makers: the Executive Team and MDs of HEINEKEN’s largest global Operating Companies.

Together with the Executive Team and key local leadership teams, we co-created a shared vision, strategy and 3-horizon plan for accelerating growth in a digitised world. We also defined what was required to realise this ambition across the globe. After formulating the 3-horizon strategy and plan, HEINEKEN asked SparkOptimus for support with achieving the core components of the plan. As part of that support, HEINEKEN and SparkOptimus jointly embarked on an ambitious, multi-year programme to drive the most exciting, most rewarding but also the most complex ‘pillar’ of the three-horizon plan: digitising HEINEKEN’s B2B Route-to-Market to outlets across the globe (scope of this case study). This represented a significant challenge given HEINEKEN’s decentralised governance model and the large variety of routes-to-market and digital maturities present across different markets.

SparkOptimus - Sustainability

Sustainability Strategy & Transformation

We work with you to accelerate your sustainability business transformation and create business value beyond compliance.

SparkOptimus - Digital Due Dilligence

Mergers and Acquisitions

We evaluate the prospect’s performance, growth potential and fit with your strategy by assessing its proposition, technology, and capabilities.

Signature cases
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SparkOptimus - Digital Acceleration

Ventures and Scale-ups

We co-build a new venture with you from concept to launch, co-lead it through its initial growth phase, and set up best practice organizational and technological capabilities for scale-up.