Our approach

We continuously attract and develop new talent, with different experience and backgrounds, ranging from top strategy consulting to start-ups and online pure players. Our people live and breathe new technology, entrepreneurialism, and change leadership and enthusiastically develop themselves further in this field every day.

Digital is not about digital; it's about serving customers better, faster and more sustainable.

What drives us - SparkOptimus

What drives us

We work for businesses and institutions that are looking for a step-change in digital growth and are excited to see how disruption can work for them. Our clients share our commitment to making things happen. We want to ensure the whole of society benefits. For this reason we share our knowledge as widely as possible through masterclasses, pro bono work, and the broader dissemination of our insights. We believe that together, we can accelerate growth and change the world for the better.

How we do it


Customer first

Across sectors, we build on one universal principle: always start from customer needs and then translate this into technical and organizational requirements. Disruptive companies always have a strong customer-first viewpoint. New technology in itself is not a goal, but when new technology can help to better fulfil a customer need and remove barriers that previously couldn’t be removed, then we have a recipe for disruption.

Joris Hulst - SparkOptimus
Joris Hulst
"In a disruptive age, the consumer is king. It’s amazing to see how much faster you can grow if you are able to easily adapt your tech platform and business to their ever-evolving needs. Building your proposition, technology and organization in parallel is the only way to get the speed and flexibility you need."
Emilie Blauwhoff - SparkOptimus
Emilie Blauwhoff
Junior Manager
"Being part of the client team and helping to put the plans into practice forces you to constantly think pragmatically. You quickly learn what works and what doesn’t. This is where I feel I really make a difference."

On-the-ground execution

We help companies understand ‘what’ to do, develop a plan ‘How’ to do it, and support them in actually ‘getting it done’ to give them a solid start. Why struggle to invent the wheel yourself if you can bring in the most experienced people and leverage learnings from hundreds of other organizations and dozens of other sectors?


Capability Building

We support companies and at the same time develop their potential to independently continue their journey. That’s why we work closely together with them to build capabilities in their teams and transfer our knowledge. We believe that intrinsic talent and a certain way of working – not necessarily extensive digital experience – is the basis for success in a disruptive environment. Through on-the-job coaching, workshops and trainings, we make sure the team can grow in their (new) role.

Hidde van Manen - SparkOptimus
Hidde van Manen
Associate Partner
"I have seen people thrive as they got the chance to learn new skills. There is something very exciting and motivating about your leadership team trusting you to build something new, and developing yourself in the process."

A decade of making disruption work

Since our founding in 2010, we have become Europe’s leading digital consultancy. We have worked with 350+ clients on 850+ projects in 25+ countries, including some of the world’s foremost disruptors as well as its biggest companies.