Ventures and scale-ups

Ventures and scale-ups

Who we are

At SparkOptimus, we're not just consultants; we're your hands-on partners, building sustainable businesses poised for long-term success. We go beyond offering advice by actively participating in creating companies that thrive independently & transforming your strategic vision into tangible results. We take your new ideas or existing ventures & propel them through new growth phases, offering a comprehensive suite of services to:
Spark strategic innovation: We help you craft a winning innovation strategy and establish an "innovation lab" to define clear objectives, identify focus areas, conduct market scans, and select the most promising initiatives.
Validate and launch new ventures: We bring your ideas to life, validating their desirability and viability through prototyping and market testing.
Optimize existing ventures: We evaluate your current initiatives, ensuring they align with your overall strategic goals and maximize potential.

Our experienced team, with proven expertise across product development, commercial strategies, operations, technology, and team dynamics, empowers you to:

Achieve faster time to market: We streamline your innovation process, helping you launch new products and services quickly and efficiently.
Reduce risk and uncertainty: Our rigorous validation methods minimize the chance of failure, ensuring your investments yield positive results.
Scale successfully: We equip you with the tools and strategies needed to navigate growth effectively and sustainably.

Ventures and scale-ups

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Growth strategy & validation

We work with companies to unlock disruptive innovation and validate high-potential ventures. Through a blend of customer validation, design thinking, and prototype development, we identify untapped strengths in your existing portfolio and generate bold new growth ideas, resulting in crystal-clear growth strategies and validated ventures ready to launch.
Portfolio scan: Our team performs a scan of your portfolio of innovation initiatives, looking at each initiative to identify strengths and weaknesses - for individual initiatives and the portfolio as a whole.
Idea generation: Unearth hidden gems in your portfolio and brainstorm breakthrough ventures for the future through customer validation, design sprints, and low-fi prototypes.
Rapid prototyping: Turn promising concepts into tangible experiences using MVPs and digital prototypes, gathering rapid feedback and iterating for a validated growth strategy.

Growth strategy & validation
Venture building & scaling

Venture building & scaling

We have already helped innovative corporate ventures transform into market leaders - Beerwulf, Zigzag, Velroq to name a few. We're passionate about guiding entrepreneurs like you from emerging concepts to thriving businesses through...
Design for long-term value creation: A winning proposition that aligns with your corporate goals and strategy, supported by a clear investment case.
Developing your venture: As your strategic partner, we balance short-term wins & long-term growth. 1000+ projects inform our best practices, building a future-proof venture with you.
Scaling for impact: We don't stop at launch, we help you optimize operations, expand reach, and achieve sustainable growth.

Accelerating existing initiatives

Stuck on portfolio navigation, initiative assessment, or business growth? We've got you covered! We offer both strategic guidance and hands-on support. Strategically, we'll analyze your current situation, craft a roadmap, and collaborate with your board on key choices. Need a temporary boost? We'll jump in to accelerate progress, clear roadblocks, and fill interim roles.

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Ventures and scale-ups

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"SparkOptimus was instrumental in integrating a learning-focused approach to work, as well as establishing effective governance structures. This allowed us to leverage the benefits of our corporate framework while executing with the agility of a start-up, and implementing robust tracking mechanisms. Despite encountering setbacks and challenges along the way, SparkOptimus remained fully engaged and demonstrated a deep sense of ownership by celebrating successes as if they were their own."

Viktor Valk



"Helping us with their outside perspective, SparkOptimus ensured that we took the right and necessary steps to pursue our strategy. This has enabled us to make the next step in our ‘smart’ strategy and be the frontrunner in our industry"

Joeri Kamp

CIO / MD Innovation & Ventures


"SparkOptimus’ thought leadership in the field of digital disruption and their ability to design, build and scale digital businesses across the globe helped us foster company-wide commitment to the WHY, WHAT and HOW of winning in beer & cider in a digital age. We are now completely aligned on scope/ambition. Thank you for the strong support. We look forward to continuing this shared journey."

Jan Derck van Karnebeek

Chief Commercial Officer


"SparkOptimus’ obsession to focus on how to transform the Experience of our Customer & Partners has been instrumental to define our change agenda, to build new capabilities and to transform our organization."

Frederic Chupin

SrVP, Customer Experience, e-Commerce & Digital Marketing Transformation


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