Designing a new venue pricing model

Designing a new venue pricing model
Ventures and scale-ups
Ventures and scale-ups
What they wanted

After launching in 2009, Treatwell set out to transform the booking process of an industry that for years relied on pen, paper, and telephone: the hair & beauty market. In a matter of years, the company quickly grew its footprint to become Europe’s leading online platform for booking beauty & wellbeing services. After having completed a global rebrand in 2016, management considered optimizing & harmonizing its salon pricing model a top priority to scale its business to the next level.

What they said

By combining digital expertise with thorough analysis, SparkOptimus helped us break-down our pricing to the essential elements and select a pricing strategy that positions us for the next level of business growth

Kei Kaji
Chief Supply Officer Treatwell
What we did

SparkOptimus identified suitable pricing elements and worked closely with Treatwell to combine these into a set of pricing archetypes that best align with Treatwell’s value proposition, salons’ willingness to pay, and desired partnership effects. The shortlisted archetypes were further analyzed on product-market fit, financial viability & strategic considerations and resulted in a preferred pricing model. Finally, within this model, the optimal pricing fee was determined and the roll-out plan developed to pilot the new pricing.

What we achieved

In close collaboration with Treatwell’s management team, a preferred pricing & roll-out plan was developed, that allowed Treatwell to quickly test & scale-up the new pricing.