the first B2B ecommerce platform for high-tech drill parts the first B2B ecommerce platform for high-tech drill parts
What they wanted

Sandvik Mining & Rock Solutions (SMR) is a leading global supplier of capital equipment, tools, services, and technical solutions for the mining & construction industries. Recognizing the vast strategic potential presented by the growing aftermarket sales, the company engaged SparkOptimus to support the development of their venture concept. This evolved into, the first online retailer of drilling machine parts, ranging from hydraulic pumps to maintenance kits.

What they said

SparkOptimus was instrumental in integrating a learning-focused approach to work, as well as establishing effective governance structures. This allowed us to leverage the benefits of our corporate framework while executing with the agility of a start-up, and implementing robust tracking mechanisms. Despite encountering setbacks and challenges along the way, SparkOptimus remained fully engaged and demonstrated a deep sense of ownership by celebrating successes as if they were their own.

Viktor Valk
Founder of Velroq
What we did

We worked with the SMR team to turn their venture idea from a few slides into a fully operating business in a matter of months. Together we started with rapidly testing the initial vision, validating the idea step by step against lowest cost possible at every stage (interviews, PoC, build first version), gaining positive feedback to secure seed funding to fully operationalise.

Following this, we worked with the team to design and build a market leading B2B ecommerce shop with unique features such as a ‘machine selector’ which allows a customer to identify their machine and virtually drill down into the machine to find the right components. We then set up a sales funnel and fully functioning supply chain by reusing existing tech, leveraging existing supply chain, and external ecommerce best practices as much as possible while tailoring key points.

We continuously improved the entire proposition based on customer feedback (namely assortment, web features, price updates) which resulted in growing revenues every month, but more importantly learning more about the barriers, needs, and behavioural drivers of a customer segment of which relatively little was known previously. the first B2B ecommerce platform for high-tech drill parts

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What we achieved became a market leading B2B ecommerce website by leveraging SparkOptimus. Within just three months, Sandvik was able to transform their idea into a fully functional platform, while simultaneously building the organisation and its capabilities. After going live, the product was further developed based on customer feedback, making a market leading B2B ecommerce website through innovative, user-friendly, and responsive (mobile & desktop friendly) designs. Velroq supports multi-currency payment methods and is available in six languages, including Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, German, French, and English, allowing the platform to expand its reach and operations globally.

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