From Analysis to Action: Improving Schneider Electric's B2B Portal

From Analysis to Action: Improving Schneider Electric's B2B Portal
What they wanted

Schneider Electric (SE) is a leading global specialist in energy management and automation, with €34bn in revenue. To better serve its customers, SE launched a B2B online portal, aimed to offer a digital E2E self-service environment where customers of all types can easily search, configure & order products and have direct access to training & customer support. To ensure SE would set the right strategic priorities going forward, they engaged SparkOptimus to independently benchmark their B2B portal against industry competitors and best-practices.

What they said

The quality of the report and restitution done by Spark is just amazing given the short time spent on Schneider context, the detail outcome and quality of deliverables are really good and we must take this as an opportunity to explore and implement operationally all these details.

Nabil El Abed
Vice President at Schneider Electric
What we did

We began by conducting a comprehensive analysis of mySchneider and the selected competitors' portal performance, focusing on the most relevant customer use case journeys, such as product configuration & selection and customer support & training. For this, we used our B2B benchmark grid, which includes diverse criteria for accurately classifying portal performance, considering performance elements such as speed, stability, data accuracy, content, functionalities, and UX. Combined with multiple customer interviews and interviews with subject matter experts, this resulted in an in-depth assessment of the portal.

Recognizing that customer expectations are driven cross-industries, we established best-practices and looked beyond direct competitors to show a trajectory for creating a best-in-class B2B portal for long term success. We concluded, informed by customer types & needs, by prioritizing key actions to drive improvement for SE and gave our recommendations on the required shifts in SE’s operating model to be able to realize its full ambition.

From Analysis to Action: Improving Schneider Electric's B2B Portal

Take the insights with you

What we achieved

Schneider Electric now possesses enhanced insights into the current B2B portal landscape, including their own performance. They have clear, prioritized next steps to elevate the end-to-end experience for all customer types, while considering crucial factors for a successful internal setup.

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