Developing a disruptive growth strategy

Developing a disruptive growth strategy
What they wanted

Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) specializes in products and services for professional kitchens. As rapid digital developments impact the behaviour of its customers, UFS aimed to fundamentally challenge its overall strategy and growth ambition towards 2020.

What they said

SparkOptimus has a unique capability to turn disruption into very concrete action! They fundamentally challenged our vision for the future in a very convincing way and now support us in building our new business along with the new type of organization we like to be.

Harry Brouwer
Executive Vice President Unilever Food Solutions Global
What we did

SparkOptimus painted a picture on latest developments in UFS’ industry in joint working sessions with the executive team. Starting from the vision and mission of UFS, we jointly redefined the strategy to achieve the UFS growth ambition. To ensure smooth execution SparkOptimus defined the requirements in terms of budget shift and resources allocated on a three year roadmap. Finally, we jointly developed a detailed action plan to kick-start execution of the plan with clear objectives and milestones.

Developing a disruptive growth strategy

Take the insights with you

What we achieved

UFS and SparkOptimus jointly defined the path for a transformation towards a new organization, with vision, ambition and growth strategy all aligned, supported by a concrete action plan for 2016 that was put into practice immediately thereafter.

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