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Mark Schneider
June 30, 2021
Interviewed by
Alexandra Jankovich
Alexandra Jankovich
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Mark Schneider, CEO Nestlé

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CEO of Nestlé, Mark Schneider believes the best of digital is yet to come. As he leads the transformation, he shares key digital insights with Alexandra Jankovich: how consumers now move seamlessly between opportunities, why businesses need to reconfigure fast, and how mindsets are shifting from forward-looking market research to real-time data experimentation.

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00:37 Sustainability & Transparency: Creating Shared Value and concrete initiatives, e.g. the carbon road map and reducing packaging waste

05:57 In digital, “the best days are yet to come”: On digitalisation, data and personalisation with concrete examples from Nestlé’s pet food and pet care division

09:33 Ecosystem building: The opportunity of a direct relationship with the customer and the uninterrupted customer journey

15:23 B2B channel transformation: Shifting from look-forward market research to real-time, real-data approaches

17:30 Leadership: The importance of a fast-paced trial-and-error mindset while reconciling of failing fast-culture with food safety and quality