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Joris Beckers
December 2, 2020
Interviewed by
Alexandra Jankovich
Alexandra Jankovich
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Joris Beckers, co-founder Picnic

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Joris Beckers, co-founder of Picnic Technologies, speaks about how data is used to improve the online supermarket’s customer proposition, reduce waste, and make employees’ lives easier.

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“We only start baking bread when it’s actually ordered. We don’t throw away bread while regular supermarkets do that a lot.” Joris Beckers, co-founder Picnic

He shares how Picnic is becoming the best milkman on earth by:

  • Offering minute-precise delivery
  • Eliminating food waste
  • Refunding customers without asking questions
  • Testing first and asking for “permission” later
  • Selling only products that customers really want


00:38 Buying groceries online – how Picnic removed initial customer barriers

01:22 Learning from the milkman-concept: a trusted visitor

02:18 Removing delivery fees

02:58 Turning the ‘taxi-model’ of delivery into a ‘bus-model’

03:57 Reinventing the traditional value chain and product range

06:01 How to meet the customer needs by using data

06:35 Why Picnic developed an app to help their delivery people to drive more safely

07:33 Interlinking data in the supply chain

08:02 Why Picnic automatically gives refunds for ‘bad’ products

09:08 How data helps reducing food waste and providing data for producers

10:20 How to innovate along the entire supply chain and an example from health care

12:06 Tips for other scale-ups: foster positive energy

13:31 How to stand out amongst competitors

14:24 The advantages of inexperienced hires

15:14 How to maintain the innovative culture

15:42 The Zalando-effect for emerging digital businesses and the power of unit-economics

16:50 The next five years: becoming the best milkman on earth

18:05 Why Picnic started picking up parcels and how they dealt with the resistance from delivery companies

19:00 Why Picnic doesn’t train people to be nice, but hires nice people

19:19 Celebrating entrepreneurial milestones