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What they wanted, part of AholdDelhaize, is the largest online retailer in the Netherlands and Belgium. To maintain their leading position and prepare for changes in the market, transformed their organization to reflect the focus on platform propositions and increase the speed of innovation.

What they said

Through a good understanding of the organization, with a sharp eye towards design principles and key levers, SparkOptimus was able to continuously show progress on key numbers and guide us all the way till the end.

Ellen Coopmans
Chief HR Officer
What we did

Leveraging our extensive experience in organizational transformations, we assisted to successfully deliver the envisaged transformation in three months by (i) setting up and staffing the project management office (PMO) aligning processes, stakeholders and workstreams, (ii) tracking progress through objective, transparent status updates, (iii) proactively flagging potential dependencies and showstoppers between workstreams and identifying mitigating solutions, (iv) facilitating the decision making process, and (v) providing content challenges from an outside-in perspective. In parallel, we prepared necessary documentation to ensure Works Council approval. organizational transformation

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What we achieved

SparkOptimus supported in transforming their organization. Despite very ambitious timelines and a complex stakeholder landscape, we facilitated successful, on-time delivery of the transformation.

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