Building sustainable consumer habits at Henkel

Building sustainable consumer habits at Henkel
What they wanted

Henkel Consumer Brands (HCB) offers a wide range of consumer goods, represented by leading and well-known brands such as Persil, Schwarzkopf, and Dial. Committed to sustainability, HCB is transforming its product portfolio by integrating more sustainable solutions. The aim is to empower consumers to make sustainable choices not only in their purchase decisions but also in the usage of the products. To accelerate this journey, HCB collaborated with SparkOptimus to develop a comprehensive approach on shifting consumer behaviors and establishing sustainable choices as the new norm.

What they said

“It was a pleasure working with SparkOptimus. With their expertise, drive and enthusiasm they brought a great ‘spark’ and acceleration to our sustainability journey. We now have clear strategies for sustainable product introductions and are ready to take the next step.”

Marjon Stamsnijder
Global Director Sustainability Henkel Consumer Brands
What we did

We began by conducting a comprehensive analysis of Henkel's ongoing sustainability initiatives and product innovations. This involved an in-depth data review and interviews across various Henkel business units at both global and local levels. Complementing this context with our industry expertise and best practices from other sectors, we formulated a strategic set of guidelines to effectively cultivate sustainable consumer habits.

Subsequently we brought these insights to life by focusing on a concentrate-to-dilute homecare solution, set to launch in various countries. Through collaborative working sessions with representatives from all relevant parts of the business, we developed a tailored approach to ensure a successful product introduction to the market. Building on this, we also created a broader guide for all HCB categories on how to effectively guide consumers into making sustainable choices.

Recognizing the challenge of shifting consumer behavior and the inherent SAY-DO gap in sustainable consumer behavior, we acknowledged that retailers and internal stakeholders also play a pivotal role in this transformation. As a result, we crafted strategies to secure the commitment and alignment of these essential partners.

Building sustainable consumer habits at Henkel

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What we achieved

Henkel Consumer Brands (HCB) and the Henkel Global Sustainability team now have two concrete sustainability methods accompanied by step-wise guidebooks. The first outlines a global home care sustainable product roll-out, providing actionable steps to position HCB to set new industry standards and influence consumer behavior positively. The second serves as the core knowledge document for generic future sustainable product launches, playing a crucial role in aligning HCB's operations with their sustainability objectives.

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