Vision 2024

Vision 2024
What they wanted

IKEA Netherlands has ambitious growth plans for its omnichannel proposition, aiming to provide the consumer with a seamless experience across every channel. IKEA identified optimizing its current delivery fee structure as a key opportunity to grow sales. Realizing the need for a thorough check of its current proposition, IKEA asked SparkOptimus for support to develop an omnichannel delivery fee structure.

What they said

In a short period of time, SparkOptimus did an excellent job in supporting us choosing the right omnichannel delivery fee proposition for our consumers

Kristina Johansson
Country Manager IKEA Netherlands
What we did

First, we analyzed the current delivery fee structure to identify potential areas for improvement. Secondly, we developed a model to analyze the impact of several delivery fee structures, taking into account consumer expectations, competitors’ prices, and financials. Next, we performed multiple sensitivity analyses and presented a clear recommendation to IKEA Netherlands’ management team.

Vision 2024

Take the insights with you

What we achieved

IKEA Netherlands has an improved level of insight in the current delivery fee structure and a new, clear omnichannel structure in place to move forward with the omnichannel strategy and achieve its growth objectives.

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