Data-driven store development

Data-driven store development
What they wanted

HEINEKEN asked SparkOptimus to help them better leverage shop data in emerging markets, in order to make better, data-driven decisions on investments in shops and in parallel learn to become more data-driven.

What they said

In a short time, SparkOptimus created significant value for our investment team by their unique combination of in-depth data expertise with a strong business sense. They rapidly built a predictive model for a complex dataset, and translated the results into actionable insights that helped us make better decisions and become more data-driven.

Jurriaan van ‘t Hoff
Director Global B2X eCommerce HEINEKEN International
What we did

After collecting and cleaning the data, we built an AI model that predicted whether a shop would be a suitable candidate for HEINEKEN investments. This model considers 20 different indicators for each store and combines that information with other historic data points to predict the profit of the new store investment.

Data-driven store development

Take the insights with you

What we achieved

In just 2 weeks we created an operational AI model that predicted the profitability of a new store investment with 85% accuracy. Given the limited size of the data set, the accuracy of the model will further increase as more data becomes available. The current model already gives HEINEKEN a significant advantage in making data driven investment decisions.

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