Defined and accelerated digital focus areas

Defined and accelerated digital focus areas
What they wanted

Albert Heijn is the largest supermarket chain in the Netherlands. They were looking to grow their digital offerings to their customers, both online and in physical stores. Albert Heijn defined what the role of digital should be in their organization and set a bold digital ambition. They asked SparkOptimus to define and flesh out four digital focus areas to accelerate.

What they said

SparkOptimus not only brings top of the bill expertise in the digital field, they also allowed for great collaboration and rigor with our cross-functional teams

Selma Postma
General Manager AH Online
What we did

SparkOptimus worked with Albert Heijn to gather outside-in inspiration, including from company visits at a Silicon Valley trip with management. We jointly prioritized digital focus areas and set up cross-functional working teams, composed of employees from different functional backgrounds. SparkOptimus guided the teams to collaboratively and iteratively work out the business plans and roadmap.

Defined and accelerated digital focus areas

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What we achieved

SparkOptimus supported the cross-functional teams on the completion of four actionable business plans including objectives, a prioritized features roadmap and a list of tests to run. We also set up technology and organizational enablers to support the teams in achieving the objectives. Finally, we created buy-in from senior management, and energized the teams, in order to realize the bold ambition.

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