Learning tool encourages students to think about inclusiveness

Learning tool encourages students to think about inclusiveness
What they wanted

2500 educators use Stories that Move, a multi-lingual online learning tool made by the Anne Frank House with partners from seven countries. The tool encourages students to think about inclusiveness, diversity, and discrimination and to reflect on their own views and choices in relation to these themes. The team realised they could use help in setting clear priorities in how to continuously improve the tool. The aim: a growing number of users and sessions, leading to a greater social impact.

What they said

The digital expertise, structured approach, and pragmatic mind-set of the SparkOptimus team has helped us to better understand the customer journey of our users. This is needed to support educators, who can then in turn help their students, to ‘move’ them to gaining more empathy and wanting to contribute to improving their corner of the world.

Karen Polak
Anne Frank House - Stories that Move coordinator
What we did

During a workshop with stakeholders from multiple disciplines, we got a better understanding of how the tool is used and what the key barriers for users are. Based on this output we redefined priorities and responsibilities and created an action plan.

Learning tool encourages students to think about inclusiveness

Take the insights with you

What we achieved

Stories that Move relates closely to what SparkOptimus stands for. We are enthusiastic to support the Anne Frank House on a continual basis. In just a few months, we jointly determined a concrete plan to improve the tool and discussed how to best balance time and resources. Now, we are giving support in getting the first improvements done and in staying user-focused.

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