Omnichannel vision and ambition

Omnichannel vision and ambition
What they wanted

ZEEMAN is a Dutch textile retailer focused on low-priced products with good quality and surprising variety. It has expanded over the years to become one of the largest textile retailers with over 1,300 stores in 7 countries. ZEEMAN has set first steps towards ecommerce but now wanted to professionalize this by setting an omnichannel vision and ambition as well as forming a plan on how to reach this.

What they said

SparkOptimus helped us define a strategy for the future including underlying financials and action plan. We have truly enjoyed their unique combination of subject expertise and ability to translate this expertise to our particular business.

Bart Karis
CEO Zeeman
What we did

Taking into account ZEEMAN’s strengths & proposition, trends in ZEEMAN’s industry, and general omnichannel trends in the market, we jointly defined an omnichannel vision and ambition including a prioritization of elements. We created a comprehensive  omnichannel business plan also providing transparency on the strategic choices to be made and impact on current business. Finally, we created a five-year action plan for reaching the ambition.

Omnichannel vision and ambition

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What we achieved

We jointly set an omnichannel vision and ambition with ZEEMAN and we worked with the board to create a vision and ambition for the future. We detailed a plan on how to reach this, including multiple initiatives, and discussing enabling factors such as the required logistics set-up.

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