Transformation of Nederlandse Loterij

Transformation of Nederlandse Loterij
What they wanted

Nederlandse Loterij (NLO) is the leading player in the Dutch lottery market, with brands such as Staatsloterij, Lotto, Krasloten, and TOTO sportsbetting. To maintain its leading position and prepare for new opportunities and changes in the market, NLO wanted to restructure its organisation and redesign its way of working to be more customer focused, agile, and data driven.

What they said

SparkOptimus was able to support us on all aspects of the transformation, addressing strategy, organisational design and implementation. They provided hands-on, practical coaching for our teams, with enthusiasm and expertise

Niels Onkenhout
CEO Nederlandse Loterij
What we did

After an initial assessment together with the NLO management, we both ran an enabling program and iteratively designed the new organisation and new way of working, tailoring it to the specific intricacies of NLO and addressing key bottlenecks and inefficiencies on both the commercial and technological sides of the business. To ensure buy-in from all employees we developed a communication strategy with cascading change stories, to effectively communicate the need for change and implications to the wider organisation. After that, to really make the change happen, we provided the organisation with on the ground coaching to help the teams on the workfloor quickly adapt to their new roles, meeting structure,  data-driven way of working and new higher pace of execution.

Transformation of Nederlandse Loterij

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What we achieved

SparkOptimus supported NLO’s transformation to a customer-focused, agile and data-driven organisation. Starting with an assessment and pilot project we ultimately executed the complete rollout of the total transformation of NLO. All commercial teams successfully adopted the new multidisciplinary and data-driven approach, enabling them to successfully execute business plans and prioritise initiatives using data-driven analyses. Cross-functional cooperation between various departments such as Business, BI and Technology has greatly improved as a result, allowing the entire organisation to grasp opportunities in the future presented by changes in the market and customer behaviour.

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