Eneco incentivizes customers to shift their energy consumption

Eneco incentivizes customers to shift their energy consumption
What they wanted

In recent years, the energy sector has faced significant disruptions due to the energy crisis and the ongoing transition towards sustainability. Eneco, a leading producer and supplier of natural gas, electricity and heat in the Netherlands, recognized the need to not only adapt to these changing market dynamics but to take the initiative in fostering a shift towards more sustainable consumption behaviours. Their vision was not just to introduce a new product but to catalyze a profound behaviour change that benefits both consumers' wallets and the environment. Driven by a vision to empower consumers with greener, more cost-effective energy choices through dynamic pricing and a broad range of services and products, Eneco partnered with SparkOptimus to kickstart the transformation, set-up and delivery of these innovations.

What they said

SparkOptimus has been pivotal in steering us through this transformative journey, blending their digital acumen and strategic foresight with a pragmatic, no-nonsense approach. Together, we've not only envisioned change but successfully delivered it on time and within budget. SparkOptimus have been fantastic partners, deeply invested in our success, building our capabilities and inspiring us to celebrate every milestone.

Wilko Schuijff
Lead Propositions & Pricing
What we did

To achieve Eneco's ambitious goals, we adopted a dual-track (simultaneous “discovery” and “delivery”) strategy. This approach entailed concurrently reshaping the operating model and conducting a detailed pilot to refine and validate our strategies in real-time, fostering cross-functional, end-to-end cooperation across multidisciplinary teams, each with clear, purpose-driven objectives and goals.

Our first priority was to set-up, design and launch the Dynamic Pricing product. From the beginning, we recognized the key elements at play: the intricate IT landscape, diverse business processes, and a substantial customer base of 2 million. Incorporating both the need for agility and conscientious planning, we designed a launch strategy that combined speed with risk management with a controlled, phased rollout with Eneco employees and a select group of early adopters. This method allowed us to gather invaluable feedback and make necessary adjustments in a controlled, iterative manner before a broader public rollout.

This phased, or "stage-gated" launch was operationalized through the development of several Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), each designed to test different facets of the dynamic pricing system, which allowed for a structured and strategic release schedule, ensuring that each phase of the launch was informed by the learnings of the previous one.

From the outset, SparkOptimus and Eneco co-led the project, driving the vision and decision-making. This collaborative approach facilitated a fast pace, measured in a matter of months, resulting in a successful build, test, and launch of the new proposition and digital products. As the project matured, SparkOptimus transitioned into a supportive role, setting up and transferring the capabilities and acting as a sparring partner and coach. This ensured a smooth knowledge transfer, empowering the Eneco team to confidently take the driver's seat, with SparkOptimus pushing boundaries by envisioning "what’s next."

Eneco incentivizes customers to shift their energy consumption

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What we achieved

Eneco Dynamic Pricing successfully launched in September '23, making Eneco one of the first energy giants to offer dynamic pricing. This strategic move not only bolstered customer retention but also expanded their base, offering diverse, future-proof energy solutions that empower customers to make greener choices and accelerate the transition to a more sustainable energy landscape.

Driven by swift action and clear milestones, we helped to transform Eneco into a self-learning organization. From conception to launch, our project journey was marked by agile collaboration and rapid learning. Delivering each MVP on time and within budget wasn't just an outcome, it was a confidence booster for both Eneco and our team. This confidence stemmed from SparkOptimus not just facilitating the project, but truly owning it: establishing its foundation, driving its milestones, and making critical decisions. This culminated in a successful launch that not only met business goals but also positioned Eneco as an agile player prepared to adapt to any market shift.

Steven Koolen
Steven Koolen
Partner | Sector Lead Consumer Goods, Industrial Goods & Services, Energy

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