Chama: Accelerating a venture

Chama: Accelerating a venture
What they wanted

SHV Energy asked SparkOptimus to help assess and accelerate one of their ventures: Chama Technologies. Chama aims to be the partner of choice for Brazilian households for purchasing gas bottles, by matching supply from dealers with demand from consumers through a digital platform. We helped Chama & SHV-Energy on three topics, (i) re-evaluating Chama’s role in the value chain, (ii) exploring and validating changes in the current model, and (iii) creating an elaborate, bottom-up growth strategy.

What they said

With their digital expertise, strategic perspective and no-nonsense approach, SparkOptimus helped us to identify the business change we were looking for, and then find the path to realize it.

Steven Sels
Member Of The Management Board at SHV Energy
What we did

In the first 12-week phase, we supported Chama by evaluating their role in the gas-delivery value chain and creating a clear set of recommended changes to its strategy and core business model. We defined changes in the initial model and positioned Chama much stronger in the gas-delivery value chain. In the second 10-week phase, we co-created the approach to test and validate the recommended changes in-field. This plan included all detailed activities, milestones and KPIs, and supporting activities such as proposition elements, and consumer and dealer data insights.

Chama: Accelerating a venture

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What we achieved

In a short timeframe, we managed to deliver an updated model, a plan to validate the new model in-field and a future growth business model. This enabled the Chama team to take a structured approach, validating new proposition elements in test areas along the way to continuously update their future growth business model.

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