Digital Acceleration at THOMY

Digital Acceleration at THOMY
What they wanted

THOMY is a Swiss condiment brand belonging to Nestlé. THOMY wants to remain the front runner in its category and fully 'run' like a digital business. To realize this, THOMY asked SparkOptimus to support in offering increasingly better consumer experiences through digitally enabled, seamless journeys, and a high learning velocity.

What they said

SparkOptimus is a sparring partner, who truly understands our business challenges and translates digital concepts into concrete actions, delivering short and long-term results and enabling us to make THOMY a success, as well as inspire other businesses and brands in Nestlé CH.

Jérôme Bonvin
Business Executive Officer Culinary at Nestlé CH
What we did

We reshaped THOMY's ambition and identified opportunity spaces, which we translated into and executed as priority use cases. We jointly implemented a new test-and-learn way of working with agencies and set up a strategic partnership with Nestlé's biggest customer to realize business impact. In parallel, we started building digital capabilities and setting up the MVP foundation within the THOMY brand.

Digital Acceleration at THOMY

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What we achieved

Together with the Nestlé team: (1) we targeted more relevant audiences, with a media efficiency uplift of +20%, (2) we substantially improved THOMY's eContent at, increasing consumer convenience, and (3) we set up a new way of working across Nestlé functions, with agencies, and with to realize impact. In doing so, we built new capabilities, such as audience identification and partnership building with B& retailers, and installed first foundational elements for THOMY to sustain its successes.

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