Defining a disruptive growth strategy

Defining a disruptive growth strategy
What they wanted

HEINEKEN N.V., the world’s most international brewer, has made a strong entrance into the field of digital by launching a broad set of digital initiatives in an increasing number of markets across the globe. Committed to accelerating growth in a rapidly changing competitive playing field and driven by the ambition to become the clear winner in beer & cider in a digital age, HEINEKEN asked SparkOptimus for its support in co-developing a shared vision, strategy, and execution plan together with HEINEKEN’s key decision makers: the Executive Team and MDs of HEINEKEN’s largest global Operating Companies.

What they said

SparkOptimus’ thought leadership in the field of digital disruption and their ability to design, build and scale digital businesses across the globe helped us foster company-wide commitment to the WHY, WHAT and HOW of winning in beer & cider in a digital age. We are now completely aligned on scope/ambition. Thank you for the strong support. We look forward to continuing this shared journey.

Jan Derck van Karnebeek
Chief Commercial Officer HEINEKEN N.V.
What we did

In order to fully live and breathe co-development, we established a joint HEINEKEN-SparkOptimus team and worked side by side with both the global and local market organisations. We led a focused set of top-down interactions with the Executive Team on the Why, What and How of winning in a digital age. The outcome was an aligned view of the global digital agenda. In parallel, we co-developed bottom-up market-specific visions, strategies, and plans on the ground with the Management Teams of HEINEKEN’s largest Operating Companies. This was done through dedicated one-week Strategy Exercises in each of these markets across the globe. Finally, we consolidated the collective top-down and bottom-up findings in an overarching HEINEKEN N.V. vision for becoming a consumer & customer-first, self-learning and high-velocity company, and developed an overall change story and action plan.

Defining a disruptive growth strategy

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What we achieved

Through the parallel interactions with the Executive Team and key markets, we created a shared sense of urgency and full commitment to HEINEKEN’s way forward. Ultimately, this has led to a new bold ambition – both on an NV and OpCo level – along with a concrete understanding of the financial, organisational and technological implications.

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