Double Materiality Assessment: From regulatory tick-box to value driver

SparkOptimus Sustainability Leads Amy Tuk and Claire Broeders will provide insights on how to pragmatically navigate your Double Materiality Assessment (DMA), while ensuring it is both impactful and effectively integrated into actionable strategies. This way, you can focus on action & creating long-term sustainable value, but on the right topics!
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June 20, 2024
Double Materiality Assessment: From regulatory tick-box to value driver

What to expect

As part of the CSRD, every EU-based company must conduct a Double Materiality Assessment (DMA). For many, this seems like just another regulatory box to tick, often viewed as time-consuming and cumbersome. This is understandable, especially as everyone is doing it for the first time with limited guidance from legislators on the 'how-to.' However, the impact of your choices during the DMA process is significant. The outcomes will define what you need to report & show progress on, and thus where to invest resources. While it's important to keep the process simple, you don't want it to lead to unnecessary investments in less relevant or urgent topics.

We're here to help! Based on our analysis of numerous industry DMAs and interviews with practitioners, we've developed a pragmatic approach that not only meets regulatory requirements with minimal time investment but also ensures you prioritize the right topics. This way, you can focus on the critical next steps: translating the DMA into actionable impacts across your organization. During our webinar, we’ll share our lessons learned and our proven approach, both for the DMA itself and its subsequent operationalization. Don't miss this opportunity to streamline your DMA process and drive meaningful impact.

What you’ll gain: 

• Lessons learned from analyzing 50+ industry DMAs;
• A pragmatic, yet impactful approach to navigating the DMA process;
• Actionable advice on how to translate your DMA into action;
• Valuable exchange of do’s and don’ts shared by your peers during Q&A.

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No rhetoric - real world insights only. We will talk honestly about the failures, frustrations and issues our panelists and ourselves have faced - openly approaching the challenging topics and always tell it like it is.

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