Disrupting the Durable Consumer Goods industry with Generative AI

How does generative AI work? How is it different from existing artificial intelligence? Are expectations of the technology inflated? How will generative AI impact the Durable Consumer Goods ndustry in the next few years? Join Wouter Rom Colthoff, a Partner at SparkOptimus, and Matti van Engelen, our Generative AI expert, for a deep-dive into Generative AI and how it can benefit your business!
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June 7, 2023
Disrupting the Durable Consumer Goods industry with Generative AI

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Our guests

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During this session we’ll discuss the rise of generative AI, why it’s different to ‘classic’ AI and how it all works. We’ll also present use cases across different departments in Durable Consumer Goods, consider the impact it has on your business and customers and ask: what’s next for the industry?

Emerging industry use cases

  • Create automated ads, designed based on each customer's browsing habits
  • Generate customized product descriptions and visuals depending on the target consumer
  • Provide next-level customer service with human-like interactions
  • ... and many other use cases, join us to find out more!

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