(Gen) AI value scan

A collaborative week-long assessment to uncover potential AI-driven value

About our service

Introducing our (Gen) AI value scan

Imagine optimizing processes, crafting winning customer experiences, and building entirely new business models - all driven by leveraging (Gen) AI. Our (Gen) AI Value Scan offers a one-week fast track to this transformative journey. In the value scan, we partner with your organization to develop relevant (Gen) AI use cases to both realize short term value & prepare your organization for broader transformation.

How we help

Step-by-step guide of the service

Prep & outside-in view

To provide the most impactful value scan, we start by gathering industry best practice use cases applicable to your organization.

Workshops & interviews

We conduct interactive workshops with your teams to ideate and prioritize potential AI use cases, tailor our approach and schedule interviews with sector leads.

Leadership engagement

In collaboration with your leadership team, we prioritize the identified use cases, emphasizing short-term value realization and ensuring subsequent steps align with your organization's strategic goals.

Reporting and recommendations

And finally, we compile the findings and recommendations into a comprehensive report, which includes:

• Pilot designs for prioritized (Gen) AI use cases
• Actionable roadmap to start realizing value at speed
• Overview of required enablers

Unlock the potential of your operations and ignite innovation with our (Gen) AI Value Scan service. Gain a competitive edge and make informed decisions that drive your business forward. Talk to our expert team today!

Prep & outside-in viewWorkshops & interviewsLeadership engagementReporting and recommendations

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Related cases

Budget Thuis enhances customer experience with (Gen) AI
AI & Data Strategy & Transformation

Budget Thuis is a leading energy and telecom services provider in the Netherlands, committed to providing reliable services at affordable prices. Serving more than a million customers, Budget Thuis holds a prominent position in the industry. Recognizing the substantial potential of Generative AI to enhance internal processes and the customer experience, Budget Thuis faced challenges in realizing its value independently. Therefore, they asked SparkOptimus’ support in identifying and prioritizing company-specific use cases, rapidly testing and proving the value by collaboratively building, testing, and improving MVPs, and designing an organizational setup for long-term, sustainable (Gen) AI innovation.

1-week data scan: Charting the AI potential for Zijerveld
AI & Data Strategy & Transformation

Zijerveld (a subsidiary of FrieslandCampina) is one of the largest cheese wholesalers in Europe. Recognizing the vast potential AI can bring to their business, they approached SparkOptimus for a one-week data scan. The scan consisted of identifying and prioritizing potential AI use cases across Zijerveld’s business and creating a first view of business value for selected use cases.

Real-time consumer activation at PVH
AI & Data Strategy & Transformation

PVH – globally known for its iconic brands Calvin Klein & Tommy Hilfiger – is one of the world’s largest and most admired fashion companies, operating in over 40 countries worldwide.

PVH Europe’s ambition is to transform from a transaction-led fashion wholesaler into a consumer-led, multichannel fashion player with a tripled ecommerce business by 2025. To turn this vision into reality, PVH wants to connect with its consumers “in the moment”, which implies serving consumers in real-time based on their needs. For example, providing real-time transparency on delivery and payment status, offering personalized recommendations, or promptly providing adequate customer support in case of an incident.

PVH asked SparkOptimus to help shape the path to achieve this ambition, and kickstart execution to gain early momentum.

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