1-week data scan: Charting the AI potential for Zijerveld

1-week data scan: Charting the AI potential for Zijerveld
AI and Data
AI and Data
What they wanted

Zijerveld (a subsidiary of FrieslandCampina) is one of the largest cheese wholesalers in Europe. Recognizing the vast potential AI can bring to their business, they approached SparkOptimus for a one-week data scan. The scan consisted of identifying and prioritizing potential AI use cases across Zijerveld’s business and creating a first view of business value for selected use cases.

What they said

“Within one week, SparkOptimus outlined valuable applications of AI across the organization. In this short time span they managed to show how quickly business value can be proven for AI use cases, with a pragmatic, results-oriented approach.”

Tuncay Özgüner
What we did

We worked on identifying use cases based on available data at Zijerveld and combined this with a leadership ideation workshop to create a comprehensive, prioritized overview of AI use cases. We developed proof of concepts for three prioritized use cases: i) assortment rationalization via sales forecasting; ii) product segmentation; and iii) identifying upsell opportunities, to show the business value potential of AI.

What we achieved

Zijerveld has now a clearer overview of potential AI use cases across the organization. Furthermore, we have jointly showcased how prototyping can help in proving (or disproving) business value fast for AI use cases.

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