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About our service

Introducing our Data Quick Scan Service

In today's data-driven world, organizations are often inundated with vast amounts of data. While they recognize the potential value hidden within this data, they often find themselves at a loss regarding how to effectively harness it. Our Data Quick Scan service is designed to address this common challenge and help clients like you make sense of their data and extract actionable insights from it.

How the Data Quick Scan works


Your valuable dataset

You provide us with your dataset, the treasure trove of information you believe holds untapped potential.


Ideation & analysis

This where our Data & AI experts come in. We use a combination of our expertise and ideation sessions with your company to develop an overview of potential value cases.


Solution development

We develop a solution or model tailored to your data. Through coding and analysis, we bring to life the value potential of 2-3 key use cases.


Clear reporting

We don't leave you guessing. We provide you with a comprehensive report that includes:

  • A list of potential value cases, tailored to your unique dataset.
  • Proof of value for 2-3 selected cases, demonstrating the tangible benefits you can achieve.

Unlock the power of your data and transform it into actionable insights with our Data Quick Scan service. Gain a competitive edge and make informed decisions that drive your business forward. Talk to our expert team today!

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1-week data scan: Charting the AI potential for Zijerveld
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Zijerveld (a subsidiary of FrieslandCampina) is one of the largest cheese wholesalers in Europe. Recognizing the vast potential AI can bring to their business, they approached SparkOptimus for a one-week data scan. The scan consisted of identifying and prioritizing potential AI use cases across Zijerveld’s business and creating a first view of business value for selected use cases.

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