Performing a vendor due diligence – confidential

Performing a vendor due diligence – confidential
What they wanted

In this vendor due diligence, our client asked SparkOptimus to support them in reviewing plans and drafting reports that would enable them to raise additional capital or equity in a sale process.

What they said

SparkOptimus was able to create transparency on our strategy and operations in a very fast and thorough way thanks to their extensive expertise and dedication

Anonymous CFO
What we did

To facilitate the sale process, SparkOptimus created a detailed view on the market and expected developments, the state of business operations, and strategic plans. The market scan included market sizing, mapping the competitive landscape, and reviewing channels, customers and suppliers in light of the current situation and developing trends. SparkOptimus also analyzed the business plan and performed a revenue/KPI analysis. Finally, SparkOptimus provided an overview of key capabilities and the way of working in the organization, identifying short- and long-term organizational improvements, and analyzed the future-readiness of the company’s technology platform.

Performing a vendor due diligence – confidential

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What we achieved

SparkOptimus created a comprehensive report that allowed management to assess their stance and formed a solid base for the remainder of the sale process.

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