Global ecommerce alignment unlocks growth for Biocodex

Global ecommerce alignment unlocks growth for Biocodex
What they wanted

Biocodex, a global family-owned pharmaceutical company, expanded into the consumer health sector by acquiring IPRAD, a large women's health business, in 2020. Recognizing the growing shift towards online shopping, Biocodex sought to strengthen its ecommerce capabilities. They initiated four major projects: e-retail, direct-to-consumer (D2C), marketplace selling, and business-to-business -commerce (eB2B), led by a new central ecommerce team. However, these early initiatives revealed misalignment among stakeholders regarding the urgency, current state, and future direction of Biocodex's ecommerce efforts.

What they said

SparkOptimus' expertise, flexible approach, and collaborative way of working created an assessment that provided clear vision and actionable next steps while taking into account all the complicated nuances across our organization.

Julien Ensuque
Global eCommerce & Digital Director
What we did

To address this misalignment, Biocodex partnered with SparkOptimus to independently benchmark their ecommerce efforts against industry best practices. We analyzed Biocodex’ ecommerce initiatives, organizational setup, technology, and data, comparing them to best practices using our comprehensive 10-point Global Digital Transformation framework.

The challenge of this assessment was the company's complex operations across 100 markets which varied greatly in product sold, local customer behavior, local digital capabilities, and operational models (owned operations vs affiliate operations). To overcome this complexity, we prioritized 18 of Biocodex's most important markets worldwide that covered a complete cross-section of these factors. This allowed us to create a detailed and useful assessment while still having the ability to create a unified picture.

Global ecommerce alignment unlocks growth for Biocodex

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What we achieved

With a clear assessment, insights, and next steps along our Global Digital Transformation framework, Biocodex now has clear insights into their current state of their ecommerce, aligned across C-suite, market leadership, & across different functions. Additionally, they have clear, prioritized next steps to build their initiatives and the enablers to build best-in-class ecommerce capabilities over the next years.

Steven Koolen
Steven Koolen
Partner | Sector Lead Consumer Goods, Industrial Goods & Services, Energy

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