Technical and commercial due diligence

Technical and commercial due diligence
What they wanted

The Accell Group wanted to perform a detailed technical and commercial due diligence on one of its online platforms. Specifically, they wanted to know if the platform held certain valuable assets that Accell could use to accelerate its overall digital ambitions.

What they said

SparkOptimus’ deep expertise of e-commerce and all related technical matters were of great value to us and the speed and efficiency with which SparkOptimus executed this due diligence was simply astonishing.

Marc Kuper
Commercial Director Sparta at Accell Netherlands
What we did

SparkOptimus performed this detailed due diligence by looking at different (technical) assets and the overall commercial business case of the online platform. Both the system landscape, data structure, operations and financials were analyzed and employees were interviewed and tested on their digital capabilities. The resulting information was discussed with Accell and compared with Accell’s digital ambitions.

Technical and commercial due diligence

Take the insights with you

What we achieved

Based on this due diligence SparkOptimus wrote a concise, but detailed, report that identified for Accell those assets that are most valuable to its digital strategy as well as those assets that were weak spots of the online platform under review. In the process, the Accell team gained insight in the most important elements of online platforms.

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