Futureproofing Financial Services -
Women's Leadership Circle

We are a community of senior business leaders, each with the personal drive for future-proofing financial services. We embrace women-led leadership to develop forward-thinking strategies and realize sustainable impact. In our quarterly events, we share
lessons and create bonds.

By joining the community, you will:

Get practical insights

Tales from the trenches with a can-do mentality. Authentic insights on what's needed for the sector to lead societal and market change. Celebrating feminine superpowers in getting things done.

Alexandra Jankovich
Founder & Senior Partner at SparkOptimus
“Change is as much about action as it is about strategy. This community brings together a wealth of experience and can motivate towards action and real impact.”
Henriëtte Hoving
Partner & Sector Lead Financial Services at SparkOptimus
“Being a force for good requires creating connections on how to make change work.”

Tap into a peer group

Gain access to a select network of likeminded senior business leaders who share the drive to future-proofing financial services: more sustainable, fair, open, and trusting. Develop meaningful, long-term connections in a supportive community dedicated to lead the change in financial services.


Be a catalyst for change

In a collaborative environment, exchange experiences and engage in open discussions about failures, frustrations, and taboos. Get out of the comfort zone and get challenged on the tough decisions.

Genevieve Ho Sam Sooi
Director Personal Solutions & Marketing at Athora
“Change in financial services will come from women: we dare to make the tough decisions and know how to persevere. Within the community, we collaborate to turn this potential into reality.”

SparkOptimus is looking for women leaders who want to future-proof financial services to join the Futureproofing Financial Services - Women's
Leadership Circle.

Together, we'll

  • Empower each other to reach our full potential.
  • Drive innovation by sharing diverse perspectives.
  • Shape the future of finance as thought leaders and changemakers.
Interested to join the community? Reach out to Henriëtte Hoving via h.hoving@sparkoptimus.com, or apply for a seat at our next event.

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