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Hands-on transaction advisory helping investors navigate the digital-first investment landscape

Mergers and Acquisitions

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Leveraging our firsthand experience in transforming, building, and scaling disruptive businesses, SparkOptimus provides comprehensive support to leading investors throughout their investment cycle. From commercial due diligence and post-acquisition growth strategies to portfolio value creation and exit readiness, we are your trusted partner in a digital-first world.

Our track record includes guiding investments in some of Europe's most transformative B2B and B2C companies, such as Picnic, Coolblue, and Hunkemöller. What sets us apart is a unique blend of in-depth sector expertise across consumer, B2B, tech, and business services and a history of successfully working alongside founders to build their companies from the ground up.

Since 2010, we have executed an average of 160 projects annually aimed at future-proofing the commercial capabilities of mid-market & large global companies, such as Wella, Action, and Just Eat Takeaway. Additionally, we complete approximately 30 buy-side and sell-side due diligences each year. This extensive experience grants us an unrivalled understanding of success drivers in consumer and customer-facing sectors, fortified by benchmark data to measure performance effectively.

With SparkOptimus, you gain a strategic partner capable of navigating you through the complexities of a rapidly evolving investment landscape.

Mergers and Acquisitions

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Pre-deal Services

M&A Market Scan: Utilizing our rich hands-on business building experience and sector expertise, we provide a comprehensive market landscape assessment to identify promising investment opportunities and potential risks
Pre-DD Micro-Services: We offer micro-level investigations to validate key business assumptions and market dynamics even before you engage in full-scale due diligence, allowing you to make more informed investment decisions
Sector Strategy: Align your investment focus with market opportunities through our in-depth disruption-proof sector analyses

Pre-deal Services
Due Diligence Services

Due Diligence Services

Commercial Due Diligence: Our rigorous evaluation of target companies uncovers latent risks and opportunities, focusing on market position, competitive advantage, and growth potential, grounding our assessment in the dimensions that define success in a digital-first world

Tech Due Diligence: We scrutinize the technical capabilities and architecture of target companies to ensure they align with your investment thesis and long-term growth objectives

Value Creation Plan: Upon identifying key levers for growth and profitability, we formulate a tactical plan for value enhancement, aligned with both short-term and long-term goals

Portfolio Management Services

Portfolio Disruption Scan: Stay ahead of the disruption curve by continuously assessing the disruption risk across your portfolio. This enables proactive strategy adjustments to maintain or improve competitive positioning

Hands-On Digital Value Creation: We roll up our sleeves to implement tailored digital initiatives that drive growth, operational efficiency, and profitability within your portfolio companies

Vendor Due Diligence: As you prepare for an exit, our vendor due diligence service provides a critical assessment of portfolio companies from a buyer's perspective, thereby optimizing exit valuation and facilitating a smoother transaction

Portfolio Management Services
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Mergers and Acquisitions

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Accelerate early-stage due diligence with fast, cost-effective AI-powered microservices. Download our overview for examples.

"SparkOptimus was able to create transparency on our strategy and operations in a very fast and thorough way thanks to their extensive expertise and dedication"

Anonymous CFO

"Clearly, SparkOptimus has done this many times before. It was impressive to see how quickly and thoroughly they analyzed our potential acquisition target. Their clear report helped us to really understand the digital market dynamics and key value drivers, bringing additional depth our investment discussions."

Anonymous client

"We found a true partner in SparkOptimus. Their knowledge of the market and the way digital businesses operate helped us move forward quickly and allowed us to make the right decision"

Anonymous Partner

PE Firm

"SparkOptimus’ deep expertise of e-commerce and all related technical matters were of great value to us and the speed and efficiency with which SparkOptimus executed this due diligence was simply astonishing."

Marc Kuper

Commercial Director Sparta

Accell Netherlands

"Collaborating closely with SparkOptimus led to a solid strategy aligned with our ambition. Their pragmatic, action-bias & data-driven expertise in a high-pressure environment was instrumental in kick-starting and implementing the plan with us."

Philip Alberdingk Thijm


Keesing Media Group

"SparkOptimus has the required (digital) expertise to conduct thorough outside-in analyses of online companies. Their concise report gave us the confirmation of our own analysis that we are making the correct investment decision"

Vincent Gravesteyn

Managing Director

Walvis Participaties

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