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From insight to impact: Crafting winning strategies and driving sales in the ever-evolving consumer goods landscape

Consumer goods

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The consumer goods landscape is shifting faster than ever. Disruptive technologies, evolving consumer demands, and turbulent market conditions are forcing brands to adapt or risk falling behind. At SparkOptimus, we combine cutting-edge solutions with expert execution, tailored to your unique needs. Our approach is hands-on; we don’t just devise strategies, we ensure they’re implemented effectively and turn potential into success. Beyond immediate solutions, we focus on building your team’s capabilities for sustainable growth. Through coaching and knowledge transfer, we prepare you to thrive independently, ensuring our partnership delivers lasting value.

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Accelerate ecomm sales

Staying ahead in the fast-evolving digital marketplace is crucial. As the industry sees a surge in channel mix diversification, including live commerce and super apps, brands must innovate to maximize reach and conversion in a crowded online space. We help brands harness these trends, optimizing their eCommerce and D2C channels to meet higher customer expectations and leverage hypertargeting opportunities in a cookie-less world. Our strategies are designed to accelerate sales by enhancing digital customer experiences, optimizing conversion rates, and integrating sustainable and healthy product offerings that meet modern consumer demands.

Optimize processes & costs with Digital / (Gen)AI

Optimizing processes and costs while adopting generative AI and connected data is crucial for organisations who want to remain competitive and generate superior insights. Our expert teams can work with you to help you  leverage generative AI to streamline operations, from production to supply chain, ensuring your business not only meets but exceeds the evolving B2B customer expectations in online sales channels.

Digital assessment

Understanding where your business stands in the digital transformation journey is critical amidst the shift towards digital ecosystems and the rising adoption of generative AI. Our transformation assessment evaluates your current digital capabilities against the backdrop of industry trends, including the development of digital ecosystems and connected customer propositions. This strategic insight lays the foundation for a transformation roadmap, aimed at reshaping your business to serve customers faster, better and more sustainable.

Digitize (indirect) routes-to-market

The consumer goods industry is witnessing a seismic shift with the emergence of new sales channels. At SparkOptimus, we specialize in digitizing your indirect channels to ensure your products reach your consumers wherever they are. By leveraging the latest trends and technologies, we help you maximize reach and conversion through a diversified channel mix. Our approach not only amplifies your brand presence but also drives sales by tapping into untapped markets and consumer segments, ensuring you stay ahead in the ever-evolving consumer goods landscape.

Disruptive innovation

At the heart of long-term success in the consumer goods sector is the ability to continuously innovate and venture into new territories. Our team of experts have in-depth expertise in disruptive innovation and working with organizations to explore and develop forward-thinking business models and products. Embracing the shifts caused by generative AI, digital ecosystems, and sustainable consumer demands, we help you identify and act on opportunities for disruption. Our venturing services are designed to position your brand as a leader in innovation, tapping into new markets and consumer needs before they become mainstream. By fostering a culture of creativity and bold experimentation, we ensure your brand not only adapts to changes but shapes the future of the industry.

Accelerate ecomm salesOptimize processes & costs with Digital / (Gen)AIDigital assessmentDigitize (indirect) routes-to-market Disruptive innovation

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Signature cases

Real-time consumer activation at PVH
AI & Data Strategy & Transformation

PVH – globally known for its iconic brands Calvin Klein & Tommy Hilfiger – is one of the world’s largest and most admired fashion companies, operating in over 40 countries worldwide.

PVH Europe’s ambition is to transform from a transaction-led fashion wholesaler into a consumer-led, multichannel fashion player with a tripled ecommerce business by 2025. To turn this vision into reality, PVH wants to connect with its consumers “in the moment”, which implies serving consumers in real-time based on their needs. For example, providing real-time transparency on delivery and payment status, offering personalized recommendations, or promptly providing adequate customer support in case of an incident.

PVH asked SparkOptimus to help shape the path to achieve this ambition, and kickstart execution to gain early momentum.

Digitizing hair care: futureproofing Wella’s consumer & hairdresser channels
Digital Strategy & Transformation

Wella is a global Germany-based hair care company and the market leader in the DACH markets. To capture opportunities of the digitizing consumer and hairdresser, Wella asked SparkOptimus to help develop the digital strategy to double down on digital sales and futureproof its B2B and B2C routes-to-market.

From high street to home: new omnichannel strategy at Bakker Bart
Digital Strategy & Transformation

Vital Food Group is the owner of Bart’s Retail (Bakker Bart) – a bakery chain with franchises in the high streets across the Netherlands. As more and more consumers prefer to order their food at Bakker Bart for delivery or pick-up, the company asked SparkOptimus to help create a new digital growth strategy to strengthen its omnichannel proposition. The goal of the strategy was to optimize the current digital proposition and to test & scale new digital initiatives, while making sure that each franchise partner contributes to and benefits from the changes.

"SparkOptimus’ deep expertise of e-commerce and all related technical matters were of great value to us and the speed and efficiency with which SparkOptimus executed this due diligence was simply astonishing."

Marc Kuper

Commercial Director Sparta

Accell Netherlands

"SparkOptimus’ thought leadership in the field of digital disruption and their ability to design, build and scale digital businesses across the globe helped us foster company-wide commitment to the WHY, WHAT and HOW of winning in beer & cider in a digital age. We are now completely aligned on scope/ambition. Thank you for the strong support. We look forward to continuing this shared journey."

Jan Derck van Karnebeek

Chief Commercial Officer


"SparkOptimus has been an instrumental partner in our journey towards real-time customer activations. They are pragmatic and results-oriented, and know how to bring an inspiring vision to life by defining the path, getting things done and breaking down organizational silos."

Jesper Waerum

EVP Omnichannel


"SparkOptimus’ obsession to focus on how to transform the Experience of our Customer & Partners has been instrumental to define our change agenda, to build new capabilities and to transform our organization."

Frederic Chupin

SrVP, Customer Experience, e-Commerce & Digital Marketing Transformation


"“It was a pleasure working with SparkOptimus. With their expertise, drive and enthusiasm they brought a great ‘spark’ and acceleration to our sustainability journey. We now have clear strategies for sustainable product introductions and are ready to take the next step.”"

Marjon Stamsnijder

Global Director Sustainability

Henkel Consumer Brands

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