Our 10 recommendations how to make disruption work in the next decade.

“Imagine a better world in 10 years’ time: one with a plentiful supply of healthy food, supply chains that are transparent, sustainable and protect the planet, equal access to education and healthcare, and bright economic opportunities for all. What role could technology play in the creation of this better world? Over the next decade, leaders will use new technologies (e.g. AI, quantum computing, robotics, biotech, autonomous/electric vehicles) to create disruptive value that is human-centric and sustainable by design, improving the lives of people and their surroundings. What bold actions could we choose today to accelerate this future together? We have developed 10 ‘conversation starters’ on the opportunities we think matter most. Our goal is to Spark a conversation, inspire and challenge you, and work together to initiate these bold moves now.”

Alexandra Jankovich & Tom Voskes, Co-founders & managing partners of SparkOptimusOctober 17, 2019

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