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Jitse Groen
June 15, 2021
Interviewed by
Alexandra Jankovich
Alexandra Jankovich
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Jitse Groen, founder & CEO Just Eat Takeaway.com

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With Jitse Groen at its top, Just Eat Takeaway.com became the leading online food delivery marketplace in continental Europe. He speaks about what he learned on the journey towards 558 million processed orders from 60 million customers in our new interview.

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0:59 The new rules of the game – ‘Be early’: About the advantages (and challenges) of being the first

4:09 ‘Rethink your KPIs’: The two most important key performance indicators Jitse Groen checks every day

7:50 ‘Winner takes all’ – or ‘Winner takes most’? Jitse Groen on re-investing profits for growth

10:20 Conquering new markets: On the different experiences when expanding into new countries and navigating stakeholders’ expectations

14:00 Fighting the corporate grind: About remaining a fast-learning, enterprising company while growing rapidly

18:16 Adapting leadership: How Jitse Groen keeps an entrepreneurial approach 20 years after Just Eat Takeaway started as a student company