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Jean-François van Boxmeer
April 19, 2021
Interviewed by
Alexandra Jankovich
Alexandra Jankovich
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Jean-François van Boxmeer, former CEO Heineken

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Heineken’s former CEO, Jean-François van Boxmeer and Alexandra Jankovich, Co-founder & Managing Partner of SparkOptimus are looking back on the past 5 years of global partnership. Together they discuss digital initiatives, transformation strategies and innovative start-ups and what it takes to lead in digital as one of the world’s largest brewers.

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01:00 Digital is an evolution, not a revolution
02:58 History of innovation at HEINEKEN
05:23 Start of digital journey & doing it locally
07:29 Digital is a different mindset
11:31 Change in doing business, from personal contact to added value
14:29 Bottom-up strategy and HEINEKEN set-up
17:51 Mexico: Two initiatives
22:45 People change first, then technology
24:51 We work for personal pride
25:50 South-Africa: Point of sale
31:20 Getting employees to use data
35:51 Beerwulf: Direct-to-consumer venture
45:47 Using strong people, and offer career prospects
49:45 Working with SparkOptimus