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Benoît Coquart
October 16, 2020
Interviewed by
Alexandra Jankovich
Alexandra Jankovich
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Benoît Coquart, CEO Legrand

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Benoît Coquart explains how to stay relevant and serve the customer while being “technology-agnostic”. Benoît Coquart shares his “recipe” for leadership during a crisis and explains why being humble is an important ingredient of success with Alexandra Jankovich during CES Unveiled 2020.

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“You need to be humble enough to understand: if [your product] doesn’t fulfill the need of the customer, it will be good for the books, but not for the business.” - Benoît Coquart (CEO, Legrand)


00:41 How to stay relevant to the customer

01:56 Lessons on leadership in times of crisis.

03:04 Employee investments

03:45 Challenges and opportunities deriving from AI and Advanced Analytics

04:54 Sustainability goals of Legrand and related strategies