Transition to multifunctional digital category management

Transition to multifunctional digital category management
What they wanted

Wehkamp is a Dutch e-commerce player offering assortment in categories fashion, living, baby and beauty and more for families in the Netherlands. To offer a great customer experience & continuously improve, Wehkamp wanted to complete its transformation towards a truly digital organization with a focused effort in their Buying & Sales (B&S) discipline. As the Buying & Sales discipline forms Wehkamp’s heartbeat the transformation included a step change in multidisciplinary cooperation across the organization, next to upgrading digital category management practices with data-drive insights & actions.

What they said

Our colleagues of SparkOptimus were an integral part of our Buying & Sales transformation team. They helped us with their expertise in digital category management and supported the Wehkamp colleagues to take matters into their own hands. Everyone now understands how to make the difference in trading and is doing so. SparkOptimus got us on a steep learning curve and provided us with the foundation to truly win together!

Miranda Berkhof
Chief Transformation & People Officer
What we did

SparkOptimus supported the transformation of Wehkamp’s Buying & Sales organization. We started by designing the new (category) team set-up and a multidisciplinary way of working, which we piloted with 3 teams. Thereafter, we supported an intensive roll-out period for all other teams. During the pilots we continuously tailored our approach to capture all learnings while transforming. In parallel we coached & supported Wehkamp’s B&S leadership team in revamping crucial parts of their trading rhythm, and in defining the strategic category plans for the coming 3 years.

Transition to multifunctional digital category management

Take the insights with you

What we achieved

SparkOptimus supported Wehkamp in becoming a self-learning organization through ‘learning by doing’, resulting in all category & supporting teams now being up to speed with the new multidisciplinary way of working & trading rhythm. The current set-up fully equips them to successfully execute the ambitious category plans, track their performance against their goals, and update these plans continuously.

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