Kickstart digital transformation

Kickstart digital transformation
What they wanted

Van Oord is a global leading marine contractor with 150 years of worldwide experience in marine ingenuity. Even though heavy asset industries are yet to be extensively disrupted, Van Oord set the bold ambition to make digital a central value driver for the business, created an internal digital transformation team to do so, and asked us to support this goal.

What they said

SparkOptimus really inspired us with what they brought to the table, and we definitely got the full value of their expertise.

Maurits den Broeder
Director Van Oord Offshore
What we did

We believe that transformations should be both top-down to drive ambition and bottom-up to prove value from the start. Therefore we set up two workstreams: First, we kickstarted some data-driven projects to build key capabilities in the digital team and “open the door” for the organization to think more broadly about digital. Next, we used these projects as a foundation to develop the wider digital vision and facilitated some of Van Oord’s Business Units in formulating their digital strategies. Here, we collaboratively brainstormed and prioritized digital initiatives and detailed the first steps for implementation, including organizational and technological requirements.

Kickstart digital transformation

Take the insights with you

What we achieved

Through our 2-phased approach, we have helped build the internal capabilities and set up the processes for Van Oord’s internal digital transformation team such that they can successfully – and independently – identify and build new initiatives. Next to that, we enabled the two business units to identify practical initiatives to apply digital to create business value and transition to implementation.

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