Accelerating Amazon sales in vitamins & mineral supplements at STADA

Accelerating Amazon sales in vitamins & mineral supplements at STADA
What they wanted

STADA is a global manufacturer of high-quality pharmaceuticals with 125 years of worldwide experience in consumer healthcare. With their vitamin and mineral supplements business growing rapidly online, and competition increasing strongly, STADA asked us to provide hands-on support to accelerate their sales on Amazon and upskill their own team in the process.

What they said

SparkOptimus delivered value from day one by realizing quick wins in how we currently run our Amazon business and helped set a clear direction to further accelerate our business. With their capability, enthusiasm, and hands-on approach, they were able to bring a new velocity to our business.

Jens Neuhoff
Director DtC & Retail at STADA
What we did

We build digital businesses by combining online strategy (‘what’) with execution (‘how to’ and ‘getting-it-done’). In this project, we helped determine the portfolio priorities through market and consumer research. Then, we helped accelerate the launch of new products to win in prioritized segments. We critically evaluated the Amazon advertising effectiveness and underlying processes and worked with the team to immediately implement several improvements (e.g. cleaning up campaigns, automating bidding process, increase speed of experimentation).

Accelerating Amazon sales in vitamins & mineral supplements at STADA

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What we achieved

We defined the 3 product segments that STADA could launch immediately, with a concrete plan to win in these segments. Also, we worked directly with the Amazon agency and STADA team to implement quick wins related to performance. For the longer term, we upskilled the STADA team on core ecommerce capabilities, and gathered senior management support to be able to add critical organizational enablers in order to scale, such as team setup, capabilities, way of working, tooling, and more.

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