Accelerating e-commerce strategy and priorities

Accelerating e-commerce strategy and priorities
What they wanted

Sligro is a food wholesaler, providing both food service and food retail with a total revenue of nearly €3bln in 2017. Sligro asked SparkOptimus to help them identify digital growth opportunities for the group. The opportunities were both transformational and disruptive and included Sligro’s B2B and B2C activities.

What they said

SparkOptimus helped us in further clarifying our digital strategy, helping us with their expertise along the way with making complex and important decisions for Sligro Food Group.

Koen Slippens
What we did

After an intensive assessment, SparkOptimus was able to identify several significant growth opportunities within the business. For each of the opportunities Sligro and SparkOptimus detailed the customer proposition and prioritized the opportunities. Based on these priorities, business cases were made including the impact on logistics and operations which is typically very complex in food retail. We also detailed and planned IT and organizational impact.

Accelerating e-commerce strategy and priorities

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What we achieved

Through a structured approach, we helped the Sligro board to prioritize their digital initiatives across their business units. Furthermore, we created well quantified business cases and designed detailed and pragmatic roll-out plans.

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