Becoming a more consumer-centric and data-driven organization

Becoming a more consumer-centric and data-driven organization
What they wanted

Shell is taking the next step to become a consumer-centric and data-driven organization. For the Retail Marketing team this translates to an ambition to shift from top-down marketing to more bottom-up, consumer-insights driven marketing. To get there, Shell needed a dot on the horizon for the management to define what good looks like, and a push for the operational teams to start building key digital and data capabilities.

What they said

SparkOptimus helped define the key elements our organization needed to take the next step, and worked closely with the teams to transfer key capabilities and open up the mindset to what is possible using digital and data.

Hilmar van den Dool
General Manager Shell Retail Benelux & France
What we did

We started by mapping the capabilities the organization needed to realize its ambitions, and translated that into a holistic capability build plan. We did this in close collaboration with the management to provide a top-down view, and at the same time started working day to day with the operational teams to design and implement use case experiments to enable 'learning by doing'.

Becoming a more consumer-centric and data-driven organization

Take the insights with you

What we achieved

In a 9-month journey, we up-skilled capabilities in the organization to ensure the new way of working lives on. The teams will use consumer insights quicker and more frequently to improve marketing and sales returns, building on the potential shown by the use case experiments of increased media effectiveness of 30% and incremental margin of 5%. We also shaped what the marketing organization of the future needs to look like, how departments should work and learn together, and what data is needed to guide decision making. We brought this to life by delivering multiple dashboards that automatically generate full consumer journey KPIs to support different layers in the organization to use data as a competitive advantage.

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