Online platform development for new omnichannel product

Online platform development for new omnichannel product
What they wanted

PostNL wanted to better understand digital development and - as a result - the changing needs of their customers in order to assess opportunities to serve its customers in new ways.

What they said

SparkOptimus has great expertise in (digital) marketing and sales developments and knows our customers well; they have been a great help in developing a clear view forward.

Linda van Zomeren
Director B2B PostNL
What we did

SparkOptimus created a comprehensive overview of trends and developments in marketing and sales. We then assessed their impact on both existing and new propositions in the services market. New products and services were selected based on projections of future sales and margin potential, and fit with the organization. Finally, for each new product, we developed a high-level proposition, business case, and development roadmap.

Online platform development for new omnichannel product

Take the insights with you

What we achieved

SparkOptimus was able to bring across a convincing vision on digital developments that was shared across key management at PostNL. We quantified implications on the services market and helped develop a prioritized roadmap for new product development. We then supported the actual product development and helped the organization build the skills to run the new digital operations that are involved.

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