Revenue and pricing model

Revenue and pricing model
What they wanted

PortXchange reduces inefficiencies in the port-calling process, by making key planning data available and transparent to all players in the value chain with their digital solution. To scale and drive adoption, PortXchange asked SparkOptimus to define its first revenue and pricing model to suit all port-calling customers.

What they said

SparkOptimus has supported us with bringing our proposition to the next level, by setting up a revenue model which allows us to drive adoption and maximize value in parallel.

What we did

Together with PortXchange, we created a deep understanding of customer pain points and needs within the port-calling process, defined the revenue model principles, and developed a value- and usage-based revenue model tailored to all different types of customers. Furthermore, we explored the design of various commercial packages to support PortXchange's negotiations, as well as the question of how PortXchange can further accelerate growth and adoption.

Revenue and pricing model

Take the insights with you

What we achieved

Together with PortXchange, we built up a value- and usage-based revenue and pricing model, based on truly understanding PortXchange's customers, and addressing all concerns of PortXchange's key stakeholders. The model first served as an initial starting point for PortXchange to test its revenue model (including prices) in the market and to refine it based on direct customer feedback.

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