Nederlandse Loterij: 5-year corporate strategy

Nederlandse Loterij: 5-year corporate strategy
What they wanted

Nederlandse Loterij (NLO) is the largest provider of games of chance in the Netherlands, active in lottery and prospective in online gaming. Given the changing commercial and legislative environment, NLO asked for hands-on support to update the 5-year corporate strategy to strengthen their commercial position and grow their added value to Dutch society.

What they said

SparkOptimus did an excellent job in supporting us to write our end-to-end strategy and facilitated us to change our mindset on fundamental discussions. The whole process was very enjoyable, and we are excited to start executing on our new strategy.

Niels Onkenhout
CEO Nederlandse Loterij
What we did

We in-depth analyzed the changing external and internal context, including value chain, customer needs, legislation and cost structure, to identify and prioritize key strategic opportunities. We supported the board members in articulating a clear strategy forward for current business opportunities as well through a joint MT workshop to identify disruptive opportunities for long-term growth. Together, this resulted in a detailed and actionable corporate strategy, with various political and legislative scenarios.

Nederlandse Loterij: 5-year corporate strategy

Take the insights with you

What we achieved

We delivered a clear and widely supported corporate strategy that enables NLO to further grow in commercial result and societal impact. We were able to create a proactive mindset in the MT towards a future and long term vision for the company, including identification of high-level impact corporate structure and governance.

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