Designing the omnichannel organization

Designing the omnichannel organization
What they wanted

Media Markt is an international retailer for consumer electronics. With 50+ stores they are market leader and a known disruptor of the electronics market in the Netherlands. In recent years, their webshop has also grown rapidly. As online sales are becoming a significant part of the business and customers are expecting an omnichannel experience, the way ‘digital’ is integrated in the organization needed a revision. As a result, Media Markt wanted to future-proof their organization.

What they said

SparkOptimus brought us a wealth of expertise to deal with challenges in view of our digitizing customer. On top, they are as pragmatic and results oriented as we are and great to work with!

Dennis Hooijmans
COO Media Markt
What we did

We used best practices from omnichannel organizations in advanced markets to shape the future omnichannel way of working, but made sure we tailored it to the unique Media Markt culture and governance structure. We jointly defined this in workshops with a very hands-on character. Then we detailed an ambitious transition roadmap to reach this future-state organization.

Designing the omnichannel organization

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What we achieved

The joint project approach let to a future-proof omnichannel setup, enabling operational excellence, customer focus and a cross-functional way of working. Additionally, it made the requirements for this transition explicit, ready for a pragmatic roll-out, which SparkOptimus was invited to support as well.

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