Digital route-to-market strategy: boosting The Kraft Heinz Company’s online sales

Digital route-to-market strategy: boosting The Kraft Heinz Company’s online sales
What they wanted

The Kraft Heinz Company is one of the largest food and beverage companies in the world. Names like Heinz and Jell-o belong to its large portfolio of internationally popular food brands.

To serve its consumers and customers better digitally, Kraft Heinz asked SparkOptimus for help in achieving three main objectives: Design initiatives to boost digital sales across different routes to market; Identify eCommerce organizational and technology enablers at international level and in 3 representative markets (United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Brazil); define a roadmap to drive execution of the changes.

What they said

The overall experience working on this project with SparkOptimus was great. They met all my expectations, and the team went above and beyond in delivering a clear digital route-to-market strategy and actionable plan to get there.

Jacques Pradels
Chief Sales Officer – International, The Kraft Heinz Company
What we did

As a first step, we developed a baseline assessment of Kraft Heinz’ current activities, digital routes-to-market, and eCommerce capabilities. Analyses of the current customer journeys unveiled the consumers’ (unmet) needs along several digital channels, including online supermarkets, quick commerce offerings and online marketplaces.

By matching the findings with relevant best practices from consumer goods and other sectors, we defined and prioritized the top initiatives to close the gaps and sized the potential value impact of the action points. Based on the agreed priorities, we then crafted a long-term roadmap and financial plan. This plan includes a high-level roadmap and long-term roll-out approach, but also a near-term action plan describing quick wins and practical steps.

Digital route-to-market strategy: boosting The Kraft Heinz Company’s online sales

Take the insights with you

What we achieved

The Kraft Heinz Company now has a clear plan to deliver on its ecommerce ambitions. This digital route-to-market strategy details the commercial priorities to serve its customers better online and the organizational design that enables the team to realize those initiatives. The roll-out is based on a test-and-learn approach: the new digital way of working will first be implemented in pilot markets, and the generated insights will then be added to the overall roll-out plan across Kraft Heinz’s global organization.

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