Unlocking ancillary revenue streams

Unlocking ancillary revenue streams
What they wanted

JET is the leading global food delivery platform, connecting consumers and restaurants across the globe. To ensure continued growth, the company established the Commercial Growth (CG) function, responsible for ideating, incubating, and accelerating existing and new revenue models that drive value for restaurants. JET asked SparkOptimus for support to set the ambition, define the path to get to this ambition, and kickstart & accelerate the most promising business initiatives.

What they said

SparkOptimus proved to be an outstanding business partner for JET. They did an excellent job in defining our ambition, concretizing our future levers of growth and kickstarting the execution, which enabled us to move at a much higher pace than ever envisioned

Jim Jansen
Senior Director Commercial Growth JustEatTakeaway
What we did

Together with JET’s CG team we shaped a concrete plan to grow to €1Bn in incremental revenue contribution. First, we established the exact role of the CG function. Then we identified concrete action steps to pursue, across three waves: scale proven initiatives, launch next set of initiatives and explore new innovative pockets of value. We jointly prioritized 9 initiatives for 2022. Next, we helped to establish a cross-functional working rhythm and kickstarted the selected high-priority initiatives.

Unlocking ancillary revenue streams

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What we achieved

JET’s CG function now has a clearly defined ambition and role, and a list of priorities to pursue its ‘North Star’ ambition. The prioritized initiatives are currently being rolled out at high pace. The most promising initiatives have detailed acceleration plan with quantified outlooks. And lastly, the CG function now has a clear vision on future innovative pockets of value and a supporting backlog of corresponding potential initiatives.

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