Accelerating growth through CRM

Accelerating growth through CRM
What they wanted

Independer is the leading comparison website and online broker for financial products in the Netherlands. Founded in 1999 to improve the financial industry and support consumers in their decision-making process, it now enables consumers to compare prices and T&C on a range of insurance and financial products, including car insurances, health insurances and mortgages. Aiming to further accelerate growth, Independer identified next-level CRM as a key opportunity.

What they said

SparkOptimus has really amazed me with what they achieved in such a short time. Their strong analytical power, tremendous digital experience and tailored approach really helped us to kick-start the successful set-up of next-level CRM in our organization

Ruud Martens
Managing Director Independer
What we did

SparkOptimus supported Independer with the design and implementation of a targeted CRM strategy, paying special attention to trigger-based (email) marketing. After a thorough gap analysis, SparkOptimus supported Independer in getting the required systems, organization, tools and processes in place. In a joint effort, the Independer CRM team and SparkOptimus followed a two-fold approach: first, the long-term CRM aspiration was set and a pragmatic implementation plan was crafted. Next, the first email campaigns were launched following a hands-on test & learn approach.

Accelerating growth through CRM

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What we achieved

SparkOptimus paved the way for next-level CRM at Independer. Besides kick-starting implementation, SparkOptimus managed to create a buzz of excitement through the entire organization and prepared Independer’s marketeers for truly sophisticated email campaigning.

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